Facilitating training and formation in the local church

The local church is the primary setting for discipleship and formation of Christians. Crosslands is here to provide resources, advice and relationships that help leaders to create and sustain a culture of learning and formation that equips disciples for service, mission and leadership in their local community.

Learning and formational culture in the local church

Formation of disciples and leaders is not only a practical necessity for healthy churches; it lies at the heart of the great commission to which we are called as followers of Christ.

We help church and ministry leaders to develop a biblical vision for the lifelong formation of disciples and leaders, and to establish a culture of training and learning in their local context, so that people can be trained and equipped to serve and glorify God in the place where God has put them.

Planning and resourcing local training

Working out the ‘who, why and how’ of training and formation – and then finding the time and resources to deliver excellent training can be a challenge for many churches.

We can help you map out a plan for training, access flexible resources, and help develop local leaders to lead and deliver effective training.

Investment in training beyond your local church

Whilst some churches have the capacity to provide significant training and formation, most are not as well resourced.

Partnering with Crosslands will help less well-resourced churches in the UK, Europe and beyond to become communities where discipleship and formation thrive in all of life, both directly through learning community relationships and indirectly by helping to sustain our provision of excellent resources.

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What might partnership look like?

Planning and Promoting Training

Crosslands provides partner churches, no matter how small or large, with advice and resources to help develop a vision, strategy and culture for training. This doesn’t limit you to working with Crosslands’ resources; we’ll encourage you to resource your training plans in a variety of ways according to your vision, needs, culture and context.
You will be featured on our Partners page on our website and will be able to use the Crosslands’ logo on your website as a mark of your commitment to training.

Discounted Resources

Advance notice and early access to new courses, resources and events. Discounted access to a number of our resources and events to help you as you equip your members to engage biblically with the issues of the day.

As a minimum, this would include:

Foundation courses – 25% discount on all purchases
Forum courses – 25% discount on up to 10 tickets each year
Conference fees – 25% discount for up to five delegates

You will benefit from free advertising on our jobs board and promotion of vacancies on our social media platforms.


The Crosslands team enjoys praying for churches and ministries. We’d love to be kept informed on how we can pray for you, and we’d love to have you and your church pray for Crosslands students, other training churches, and the Crosslands team.

Perhaps your church might consider adopting Crosslands as a mission partner?

We’d love to visit occasionally to find out more about your ministry vision and share ours.

What sort of churches partner with Crosslands?

New or revitalising churches

Are you a small church that is less than five years old?
You may have heard about us from another local church and want to explore some of our resources.
Perhaps you would like to take on an intern but don’t have the capacity to develop a training programme for them.
Maybe you’re a brand new church plant who wants to embed a culture of training in your church family from the start.

How we can help

  • Serving church planting and revitalisation has been integral to our vision since we started.
  • We recognise the unique position that those leading new churches have to establish the culture of a church and the necessity for this to include an ambition to see men and women trained at each stage of their Christian walk.
  • We have resources at our disposal that will help you draw together your core team, establish firm theological and relational foundations as you walk through your early stages as a new church community, and continue to train church members in a straightforward, effective and inexpensive way.
  • Take advantage of our New Church Package with enhanced benefits for up to five years including 75% off unlimited Foundation Course materials

Smaller churches

Most churches have at most one pastor, sometimes not even full time.
You may have committed people, but growing and multiplying your ministry as a church needs people to be equipped – and chances are you simply don’t have the capacity to prepare and deliver the training that’s needed.

How we can help

  • We would like to partner with churches that are faithfully persevering in local ministry.
  • Let us help you to develop a realistic, achievable training strategy that will engage members at all stages of maturity in thinking biblically about how to serve each other well and reach their local community.
  • Consider engaging with Crosslands as your ‘go to’ partner for training.
  • Equip your future leaders with Seminary training that doesn’t involve them moving away.
  • Create a flexible Foundation programme for all your emerging leaders and mobilise everyone in discipleship and evangelism.

Larger churches

Are you an established church with a large, multi-generational congregation?
As a church grows it can be challenging to keep on top of who needs what training in order to resource the expanding range of ministry activities. The pressing demands of pastoral leadership can easily crowd out longer-term formation.
As a large church you know you have many people who can serve in different ways, but mobilising and equipping people is a major undertaking. And at the same time, it can seem counterproductive to send your best people away for two or three years for Seminary type training

How we can help

  • Consider engaging with Crosslands as your ‘go to’ partner for training.
  • Equip your future leaders with Seminary training that doesn’t involve them moving away.
  • Create a flexible Foundation programme for all your emerging leaders and mobilise everyone in discipleship and evangelism.
  • Plan to attend a conference as a staff/ leadership team each year.
  • Engage with other church leaders through our Lifelong activities.
  • Partner in the training of men and women from less well-resourced places beyond your own context.
  • Partnering with Crosslands is a way to serve less well-resourced churches in the UK and Europe so they can minister effectively where they have been placed.

What is the benefit of partnership to Crosslands?

Understand the needs of the local church

In order to be able to serve and resource the local church, it is crucial that we have a channel for understanding the position of the UK church today.
Partnership helps us to listen and respond to what those on the front line are facing.

Partnered in prayer

We ask that you pray regularly for the work of Crosslands and encourage your members to do the same.
We will leave it up to you to determine the frequency but will ensure that you have regular updates that will make it easy for you to do so.

Partnered in vision

The value of knowing that churches around the UK value our work can not be underplayed!
Hearing how our resources are helping others is an encouragement to persevere in our work.

Improved communication

We hope that partnership will make it easier for churches and their members to utilise and access our courses and events.
Whether it is a new Christian who wants to understand more about discipleship, a group of elders wanting to work through material together on the Philosophy of Ministry or a church member wants to think more deeply about the role of technology from a biblical perspective we welcome the opportunity to tell those in church about some ways we can help.

Increased brand awareness

We would love churches and individuals throughout the UK to use and benefit from our material.
We hope that having us as a partner might mean you talk about us more (and hopefully in a positive way!)
Whether it’s within your own congregation when meeting a friend for coffee or over dinner at a conference.
If you have one, we would love you to include us on your website as a mission partner.

Investment in training for the wider church

We work hard at stewarding the resources we have well. We thank God that our seminary programme is now self-funding.
However, some of the research and activities that we are engaged in are important but will not generate revenue.
We hope that partnership in some instances includes a financial contribution that allows this important work to continue.
On a related note, we recognise that cost of participation is a barrier to some accessing ministry or pursuing post-graduate studies.
We hope that partnership will allow us to develop bursaries that could be made available to others.

Is there a financial contribution involved?

Partnership is not contingent on a church’s ability to make a financial contribution to our work. We are seeking to serve and resource the local church and value the opportunity to share what we are doing and listen to what resources would be helpful.

However, we’d love to be regarded as one of your church’s mission partners or preferred training provider, and we know that many churches’ support for their external partners includes a financial contribution. We would ask that those who decide to partner with us would consider whether a financial contribution towards our work may be possible.

As a token of our appreciation, we would provide additional, enhanced discounts for partners who help invest in the ministry of Crosslands. Enhanced discounts also apply to new churches and churches that are training three or more people through Crosslands Seminary.

Free Standard >£150/m donation Enhanced >£300/m donation
Available to all those we partner with Churches that engage us as a mission partner Churches that share our ambition to see more people trained in Christian Ministry and are keen to resource such work elsewhere
25% discount on all foundation purchases 50% discount on up to 30 purchases of Foundation courses each year* Free access to 50 uses of Foundation modules each year*
25% discount on up to 10 tickets for forum courses events each year 25 % discount on up to 20 tickets for Forum courses each year 50% discount on 20 tickets for Crosslands Forum courses/events each year
25% discount on conference fees for up to five delegates 50% discount on conference fees for up to five delegates Bring up to five delegates from your church to our annual conference free of charge
10% discount on seminary fees for one student each year Receive a 10% discount on seminary fees
10% discount on Lifelong Learning fees for one participant each year Receive a 10% discount on Lifelong Learning fees
Available add-ons Available add-ons
New Church package New Church package
Seminary package Seminary package
*25% discount on subsequent purchases


New Church Packages: Available to churches less than five years old with a regular congregation of fewer than 80 adults and income under £100,000pa
Seminary Package: Available to churches with three or more students enrolled on our Seminary programme

Frequently asked questions

What do we need to do to become a Partner?

Please complete the application form below. This includes a declaration that you have read our Statement of Faith and Aims and Ethos. It also requires you to agree to remove any Crosslands branding from your website at our request.

How do I receive a discount?

For Foundation and Forum course you will receive an email with a bespoke discount code which you can use centrally or distribute to church members who wish to take advantage of our courses and events at a discounted rate.

Where applicable, Seminary and Life Long Learning discounts will be applied directly by us at the point of invoice.

How do I take advantage of discounted conference fees?

Bookings for the Winter Conference open in Autumn each year. Booking for Partners open two weeks in advance of general sale. We will be in touch at this time with details of how to secure your tickets.

Can I make a donation annually?

Of course! Donations can be made annually or monthly. We are incredibly grateful to all who chose to support our work financially.

How do we make a donation?

Donations can be made by standing order or direct debit.

What next?

If you’d like to partner with us, please complete this short application form.

If you’d like to explore a conversation with us about Partnership, please contact us (email catherine.carvel@crosslands.training) to arrange a conversation.

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