Theology for Life: Crosslands Winter Conference 2025

‘Theology for Life’ is a three day annual conference for both experienced Christian leaders and those training for ministry. The goal is to help one another to keep developing firm foundations or re-invigorating our understanding in core theological themes and how they shape our lives, our teaching and the cultures we inhabit. With academic input from Crosslands faculty and other specialist contributors, the learning-community format will also include plenty of opportunity to reflect and apply with fellow learner-leaders.

Crosslands Winter Conference 2025 will be held on 30th Jan – 1st Feb 2025.

“Throughout the centuries the Church of God has had both its devoted adherents who would die for it and its persecutors who have sought to destroy it. Thus both in love and in hatred men have reckoned with it seriously and have been compelled to think out their attitude towards it.” (Michael Ramsey)

At the Crosslands Winter Conference 2025 we’ll look “in love” at the identity of the church and think “seriously” about how it displays God’s glory. With John Stevens (National Director of FIEC), we’ll explore how the organisation of the church reflects our understanding of its purpose, while Jonathan Norgate (Crosslands faculty member) will show how our vision of Christ expands as our understanding of the church deepens.
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