Every church can be a training church.

Equip and appoint someone in your congregation to be your Training Co-ordinator to bring together the people, courses and resources to help every member grow in love for the Lord, become gospel-confident disciples in all of life, and be equipped to serve one another. 

What does a training co-ordinator do?

That’s going to differ from one church to another, but here are some of the ways a training co-ordinator can serve the whole congregation:

  • Assess: Build up a picture of who wants and needs what training.
  • Research: Find potential courses and speakers both within the congregation and from outside.
  • Propose: Bring ideas to the church leadership for decisions to be made.
  • Plan & promote: Create a schedule of learning opportunities and ways for people to sign up for them.
  • Evaluate: Review what’s working and think about next steps for learners.
  • Co-ordinate: Bring focus and momentum to training all year round.

Crosslands can help

We have resources to help you set up the role of training co-ordinator, and we’ll provide ongoing support to help your training co-ordinator with planning, ideas, and practical tools for designing and running a sustainable programme of learning opportunities year round.  

Every church can be a training church.  Get in touch to find out how we can help.