Beyond the Church Plant

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This course takes you to the theological heart of growth and global mission: the person and work of Jesus. Following gospel centred principles, you will learn how to shape your church for growth and forge partnerships for planting and global mission.
We need a vision for partnering with others to plant churches across the globe. This course establishes the importance of a Christ-shaped and global vision for growth and mission in the local church. It is for anyone wanting to help create a culture of Christ-centred growth and global mission in the church.
The course covers:

  1. Churches planting churches
  2. Growing by planting
  3. Shaped for growth: Christologically-driven
  4. Shaped for growth: context-specific
  5. The ends of the earth
  6. The light of the world
  7. Churches partnering to plant churches
  8. Churches planting partner churches
  9. Gospel priorities and global vision