Bible Teaching in Missional Perspective

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This course introduces Christians at all teaching levels to key principles and methods for teaching the truth, plainly and relevantly to the heart – whether to unbelieving friends, contributing to a small group bible study, learning to preach, or teaching children.
Learn how to open the bible with friends, both Christians and non-Christians, and get the most out of your time together in interactive bible study. Learn from some of the best bible teachers how to get the point of a passage across and address people’s hearts with the gospel. You will also be introduced to storying as a method for opening the bible with people.
The course covers:

  1. Make It Clear – Learning from John Stott
  2. Making It Real- Learning From Tim Keller
  3. Making It Felt – Learning From C. J. Mahaney
  4. Preparing Interactive Bible Studies
  5. Leading Interactive Bible Studies
  6. Introducing Storytelling
  7. Preparing Stories
  8. Teaching The Bible Through Storytelling
  9. Learning In Community