Christian Discipleship

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Whether you explore the course as an individual or a group we hope and pray that the material will enrich your personal walk with Christ and help to develop a culture of discipleship in your local church.

In this nine-part course you will explore what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ, and how to help others to grow as Christian disciples. Starting with the patterns of the first-century church as they sought to share and live out the Gospel as a Spirit-filled, word-based community, the course leads you through biblical foundations and practical steps for everyday discipleship.


  1. Life through the Word and Spirit
  2. A confident life
  3. A shared life
  4. An obedient life
  5. An energised life
  6. A Christ-shaped life
  7. A connected life
  8. A distinctive life
  9. An attractive life

The normal price is £20 for an individual, and £15 for most groups. However, discounts are available for partner organisations.

Building on what you learn

If you take this course, we recommend the Pastoral Care course to go alongside it, and the Christian Ethics course. Look at our full list of Foundation courses.