Church Eldership Track Bundle

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In this track you will work through 6 modules on the Bible and teaching, community, mission and pastoral care as they form and discuss their views on eldership and leadership.


The Bible in Missional Perspective
The reason the church and mission go together is because of the way the bible story is told. this course will walk you through the bible story and show you how the story of the Gospel was always meant to form communities of light who take that message to the world. Find your part in the story.
Gospel Community
In this course you will learn the key characteristics of life in a gospel community, and how to play your part in forming gospel community where you are.
Keeping it Missional
How do you stop the day-to-day running of church life becoming a distraction from mission? This course answers by helping us see how everything from business meetings to marriage preparation can and should help us on the task of saving the lost.
Ministry Philosophy
Explore what a gospel-centred, missionally-focused philosophy of local church ministry looks like in your context.
Biblical Eldership
Work through a Biblical overview of the role and functioning of a local church eldership.
Bible Teaching in Missional Perspective
Learn how to care for people and speak the gospel into real lives with real issues. This course is a toolbox. Building on Pastoral Care Part One, it gives you a deeper understanding of the human heart and then tackles five key problems many people face.