Church History in Missional Perspective

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Church history is the story of the Father’s mission to bring peoples, tribes and nations, in every generation to know his son Jesus. Learn how, in every age, God calls his people back to faithful witness to the gospel.
The history of the church is packed with lessons for mission and church today. The call to be faithful to the gospel is central to mission. This call rings out through the stories of brothers and sisters who have gone before. This course will help you to re-engage the past to understand present pressures, and shape future plans, for mission and evangelism.
The course covers:

  1. The Early Church
  2. The Medieval Period
  3. The Reformation
  4. The Anabaptists
  5. The Puritans
  6. The Evangelical Awakening
  7. Modern Missionary Movement
  8. A Brief History Of Church Planting In Britain: Part One
  9. A Brief History Of Church Planting In Britain: Part Two