Someone engaging with culture by listening to various items of culture around them.

Culture 1: Listening Critically to Culture

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Christians want to change things. We want to see God’s shalom, his peace and healing, flow in our world. That means engaging culture, including popular culture. How to do that is not an easy question. How do we construct a perspective that engages with the world without becoming conformed to the world? How do we speak truth and grace into a world that so actively resists it?

This module will not give you all the answers. Rather, it is designed to help you think biblically and creatively about culture so that you can formulate your own answers and practices. We shall proceed using readings, reflections and exercises to get you attuned to the practice of cultural engagement.

You’ll cover:

  • Key terms
  • A biblical understanding of culture
  • Engaging with apologetics
  • False starts: perspectives that hinder cultural engagement
  • Engaging popular culture using five questions
  • Practical workshop exercises

You can take this course as part of a group or on your own, working at a pace that suits you.

The normal price is £20 for an individual, and £15 for most groups. However, discounts are available for partner organisations.

Building on what you learn

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