Ethics & the ‘Constellation of Circumstances’

Applying Oliver O’Donovan’s ethical framework to the contemporary discussion on marriage, sexual orientation and gender dysphoria.

Five fortnightly Tuesday sessions: 15 Feb, 1 Mar, 15 Mar, 29 Mar and 12 Apr
7.30-9.00pm, online via Zoom.

Taught by: Colin Creighton
Cost: £125 for the short course (five sessions)
(£100 for current Crosslands students, tutors, alumni or study group / learning site leaders)

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“The question is always, what does it mean, in this constellation of circumstances, to approve or disapprove of this or that line of conduct?” Oliver O’Donovan

Learning aims and outcomes for the course:

  • Engage with O’Donovan’s Ethical Framework
  • Apply that framework to the issues of marriage, sexuality and gender
  • Apply that framework to consider how we ought to relate to those who disagree with us
  • Evaluate the particular ‘constellation of circumstances’ we are currently in
  • Begin a discussion on exploring how the church ought to move forward in the particular ‘constellation of circumstances’ it finds itself.

Is it for me?

This course is for Church leaders and Christians who are comfortable having theological discussions. The course may be suitable for inclusion in annual CPD hours for some professionals (a completion certificate can be issued for this purpose).

Course dates and times

The course will consist of five fortnightly sessions, starting Tuesday 15 February. Each session will run from 7.30pm-9.00pm. Please note there will be some reading and assignment work to be completed between sessions.

Taught by: Colin Creighton

Colin is a Crosslands Tutor and has been pastoring in Republic of Ireland for over 10 years, where sexuality and gender issues have become a regular part of pastoral ministry. His final year dissertation at Oak Hill College was to engage with O’Donovan’s ethical framework, and his dissertation for the MTh at the Irish Baptist College was focused on St Augustine and the concept of self-love, with O’Donovan being a key figure in that discussion. Over the last year Colin has been running seminars for clergy, theological students, and local church members on how to think through and engage these issues, both in Ireland and in Nigeria.

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