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Evangelism is an amazing privilege because it means we get to share in the happiness of God. Perhaps God could have found some other way to apply the salvation of Jesus to people’s lives. But he chose a way – the evangelism of his people – that means we get to share in the process. Jesus commissioned us to make disciples from all nations (Matt. 28:18-20). Jesus wants us to take the message across globe so that other people can become Christians. And he equips and strengthens us to do so.

This course will help you delight in the mission that God invites us to be part of. Whoever and wherever you are, we hope you’ll enjoy learning, praying and speaking of Jesus, and grow in your knowledge and love of him as you do so. You’ll cover:

  • The privilege of evangelism
  • Why evangelism is not as hard as you think
  • Roadblocks
  • Why evangelism is a team effort
  • Connecting with people
  • Starting to talk about Jesus
  • Connecting people to the gospel story (1)
  • Connecting people to the gospel story (2)
  • Answering questions