Going Deeper

Intensive courses aimed at those in leadership roles, aimed at digging deeper into a specific area of theology, culture or ethics in a way that equips you to lead others in bringing a gospel perspective to the issues of the day.

Thinking Through Creation: Dan Strange

Winter 2022. 5 x 90 min sessions online

Working in depth through Christopher Watkins’ book of the same title under the guidance of Dr Dan Strange, digging deeper into the biblical theological themes and exploring the implications and applications for how we think, live, lead, and engage the world around us.

Christlike Living in a Technological World: Nathan Weston

Winter 2022. 5 x 90 min sessions online

Following on from Nathan’s two autumn lectures, this course offers a more intensive focus on bringing a biblical perspective to living in a technological world. Work through what it means to know our purpose, embrace our limitations, and ask the right questions of the technology we use – and how to lead others to do so as well.