Gospel Community

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Understand the biblical teaching on the characteristics of gospel community, and how each of us can play a part in forming and serving the gospel community where we are.

The Christian life is to be lived in the context of community on display to the world. Working through Romans 12 as its key text, this course will help you learn what Christian community should look like and how it is rooted in the gospel. Through the course you’ll be challenged to think about your own role in the church and be helped to build a missionally focused community shaped by the gospel.

The course covers:

  1. A gospel community (Romans 12:1)
  2. A distinctive community (Romans 12:2)
  3. A diverse community (Romans 12:3-8)
  4. A devoted community (Romans 12:9-10)
  5. A zealous community (Romans 12:11)
  6. A patient community (Romans 12:12)
  7. A generous community (Romans 12:13)
  8. A peaceable community (Romans 12:14-13:7)
  9. A missional community (Romans 15:1-7)