Gospel Living

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Explore what it means to live a gospel centred life: rooted and built up in Christ crucified, raised and ascended for us.
The gospel is not just the message we proclaim, it is also the message that shapes our identity, relationships, the nature of the church, mission and everyday life. To walk in the gospel is both the goal and power of the Christian life. This course teaches how the gospel shapes all of life, and helps you work through what it means to live a gospel centred life.
The course covers:

  1. A life for God
  2. A love for God
  3. Looking back: to the Cross
  4. Looking around: at the Christian Community
  5. Looking forward: to Eternity
  6. Living now: Decisions
  7. Living now: Friendships
  8. Living now: Horizons
  9. Living now: Possessions