Gospel Transformation: Coming Soon


Coming soon, Summer 2024

This course on Gospel Transformation is a deep dive into what it means to grow and change as a Christian. You may be struggling with a particular sin, feeling a bit stuck in the Christian life, or a new Christian trying to work out what it looks like to live out your faith on a Monday morning. Or perhaps you’re interested in helping other people in their growth: you’re looking to help them change without imposing a burden of rule-following on them.

Gospel Transformation is a course that examines how the wonderful truths of the gospel are the only foundation for lasting change in a Christian’s life. It will take you straight to the Cross, as well as offer practical help for tackling unbelief and sin. Whether you are struggling with a particular pattern of behaviour, or frustrated that you don’t seem to be turning into the person you want to be, we pray that this course directs your heart to Christ.

As we see the Lord Jesus in all his glory, majesty, beauty and love, he is going to captivate our hearts so that the attractions of sin start to wither and fade in our lives. It will demonstrate that it’s the gospel that brings change. Just as we become Christians by faith and repentance, so we grow by faith and repentance.

As you move through the material and discuss what you’re learning with others, you will be encouraged by how God can work in you, however stuck you feel. Please note that this course is aimed at everyday discipleship, and is not treatment for serious mental illness, although we hope that it will be in some measure helpful for everyone.

This course reminds us that gospel transformation takes place in community, and so if you were planning to take this course alone, why not sign up some trusted friends from your church to join you? Whether it’s to meet up during the course and pray through some of the issues that arise, or to follow up with afterwards, we encourage you to make the most of your church family as you engage with the content.


  1. Transforming grace
  2. A transforming God
  3. The heart of the problem
  4. Making connections
  5. Dismantling excuses
  6. Inside-out transformation
  7. Transformed by faith
  8. Transformed by repentance
  9. Sustaining transformation

The normal price is £20 for an individual, and £15 for most groups. However, discounts are available for partner organisations.

This course is coming soon in Summer 2024.