Keeping It Missional

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How do you stop the day-to-day running of church life becoming a distraction from mission? This course answers by helping us see how everything from business meetings to marriage preparation can and should help us on the task of saving the lost.
Everything in church life can and ought to be geared to the mission of saving the lost. However, so much of church life can seem like a distraction from the task. This course helps us to recalibrate all the necessary tasks of church life around mission. It is for all church members, not just leaders. It will help all Christians understand what missional church looks like and play their part.
The course covers:

  1. Keeping it missional
  2. Sunday gatherings and prayer meetings
  3. Bible studies
  4. Preaching
  5. Business meetings
  6. Visiting
  7. Pastoral care
  8. Marriage preparation
  9. Baptism and communion