Living the Cross and Resurrection

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Jesus calls us to pick up our cross and follow him: the promise is a life of suffering now and glory later. Learn how, as a follower of Jesus, his life, death and resurrection shape your life.
This course shows how the cross and resurrection provide the pattern for discipleship in the everyday. It calls us to live out the radical implications of grace and to apply the way of the cross to every area of life. You’ll discover how the cross and resurrection empower you in Christ for a life of sacrificial service and joy. You’ll be encouraged to live a risk-taking, missional life as part of a community of people empowered by the cross.
The course covers:

  1. The freedom of the cross
  2. The community of the cross
  3. The power of the cross
  4. The life of the cross
  5. The pattern of the cross
  6. Power to be weak
  7. Life to die
  8. The message of the resurrection
  9. The promise of the resurrection