Someone running towards their friend, who is down a pit, and struggling with life.

Pastoral Care

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The Christian life is difficult for everyone – that is inevitable in this fallen world – and, as believers, God calls us to walk alongside each other in the good circumstances and the hard. This course is not designed to turn us in to therapists but to equip us to begin to turn towards one another with confidence in Christ. As the units progress, we will gain an understanding of who people are, why people struggle, the biblical process of change, and our role in that process. Not only that, we will also explore the manner in which we can all engage in that pastoral care, conscious that Christ-like character is vital when encouraging others to persevere or change to be more like the Lord.

This course will equip us to move towards people in all the circumstances of life and do so with humility, love, faithfulness and wisdom. It will help us listen well to their pain, speak words of truth with care and prayerfully encourage them to turn to Jesus, alongside us, for all the help and hope they need.


  1. Church as a place of care
  2. People in need of care
  3. How people change
  4. The importance of character
  5. How to listen well
  6. Opening the Bible well
  7. How to speak well
  8. Practical care
  9. Issues in pastoral care

Building on what you learn

To build your foundation for having these conversations, you may find our twin courses on Christian Doctrine helpful. We are also soon to launch a new module on Christian Ethics, which will be very significant in understanding some of the questions of morality that come up in pastoral conversations. Take a look at our full list of Foundation courses.