Teaching and Preaching the Bible

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This course is intended to help you develop in your understanding and skills as you teach and preach the Bible. Starting with foundational principles on what Scripture itself says about teaching and preaching, you’ll then work through the principles and steps for interpreting and preparing to teach passages of scripture. You’ll be encouraged to reflect on your own heart and practice, growing in conviction, care and confidence as you seek to communicate God’s word to others.


1. Introduction to teaching and preaching
2. Interpreting the Bible
3. The heart of the message
4. Big Idea and Aim: worked example
5. Crafting the material
6. Application part 1
7. Application part 2
8. Small group Bible study
9. Character

The normal price is £20 for an individual, and £15 for most groups. However, discounts are available for partner organisations.

Crosslands has created this material to help you grow in love for Christ as you serve in your local church and community context.

Building on what you learn

If you take this course, we recommend also taking our other leadership modules, for example Biblical Eldership and Ministry Philosophy. Look at our full list of Foundation courses.