Biblical Critical Theory: self-guided online course

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Perhaps Biblical Critical Theory by Chris Watkin has been sitting in your “to-read” pile for a while! For Christians interested in biblically faithful cultural critique and construction, this book has been garnering no end of praise, and generating a great deal of giddiness. Rightly so. This is one occasion when you can believe the hype.

But if you aren’t able to make our guided reading groups led by Forum Director Dan Strange, there’s another “DIY” option available. Crosslands Forum is hosting online cohorts where groups can sign up to go through the book together. Simply buy the book, book onto our self-guided Pathwright course, and use the content to help you think, apply and discuss the points raised.

Through a mixture of video reflections by the author and questions to discuss, this online course allows you to take the reading at your own speed, and interact with others who want to think deeper with you. You can also take the course as an individual, giving you some prompts and breaking the book down into manageable chunks.

The price is £30 per person, but there are discounts available for our partner churches.