Biblical Critical Theory Guided Reading Group

“A book that I have been eagerly anticipating for years. …”

– Tim Keller

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For Christians interested in biblically faithful cultural critique and construction, Chris Watkin’s Biblical Critical Theory (BCT) has been garnering no end of praise, and generating a great deal of giddiness. Rightly so. This is one occasion when you can believe the hype.  The book is big, it’s bold, it’s beautifully written and it’s arrived not a moment too soon as we try and make sense of our bewildering late modern world, and offer a big, bold and beautiful alternative. Chris takes away our blunt machetes and gives us a scalpel, indeed he’s offered us a whole set of diagnostic and surgical tools. Biblical Critical Theory will become a seminal text for us: part manifesto, part Bible overview (the most maximal one imaginable), part blueprint for civilization. It’s a revelation about the implications and applications of God’s revelation and how Jesus Christ is the subversive fulfilment of all and every culture(s). As Chris says in the introduction;

My aim in these pages is to paint a picture of humanity and of our world through the lens of the Bible and to compare aspects of this image to alternative visions. It is a book about how the whole Bible sheds light on the whole of life, how we can read and understand our society, our culture, and ourselves through the lens of the Bible’s storyline. It does not try to explain and defend the Bible to the culture; it seeks to analyze and critique the culture through the Bible. (xxvi)

In terms of Christian doctrine, Chris admits that he is saying nothing new, but the arrangement of the material is menthol fresh, his conversation partners are the heavyweights, and his writing is a model of elegance, engagement and empathy. From first steps in Christian discipleship, to catechesis, seminary, and through to the highest level of academic research, Chris’s work in Biblical Critical Theory will be a foundation and frame for years to come. Moreover, one will finish Biblical Critical Theory in a doxological mood, lost in wonder, love and praise in our wonderful Creator and Redeemer.

A title like this, indeed the actual title (!) might appear somewhat intimidating, and at nearly 700 pages, the book certainly may look indigestible (even though Chris calls it a ‘tasting menu’!).

So why don’t we read it together?

Dan Strange is chairing on-line reading groups to scale the heights of Biblical Critical Theory in six one-and-a-half hour sessions over a period of six months. Reading the book together will give some discipline and incentive to get through the book, and will also help us start to think through the applications of Biblical Critical Theory in our own lives, contexts and vocations.

So why don’t you join us?

You could also consider our “DIY” version of this course, where you can sign up with a group of friends to read through the book and discuss in your own time: Biblical Critical Theory: self-guided online course.

May 2024 – November 2024 Course Dates and Times

Six sessions on Mondays via Zoom:

  • 13th May
  • 10th June
  • 15th July

August Break

  • 16th September
  • 14th October
  • 11th November

There are two time options (UK time) available for the discussion group:

  • 10am – 11.30am
  • 7.30pm – 9pm


£60 for the six discussion sessions

Discounts are available for Partner Churches. If you are Partner Church, please get in touch to receive a discount coupon.
Should the course fee prevent you from attending please contact to discuss a discount.

Book now

Reading Group Chair: Dan Strange (Director, Crosslands Forum)
Book: Biblical Critical Theory: How the Bible’s Unfolding Story Makes Sense of Modern Life and Culture
Author: Chris Watkin