Getting your Bearings: Finding Clarity on Social Engagement

Dan Strange and James Mildred

A series of three lectures by Dr Dan Strange (Crosslands) and James Mildred (CARE) exploring biblical cultural engagement. In partnership with Christian Action, Research and Education (CARE).

Lecture one: Getting ready: biblical foundations for getting stuck into culture
Lecture two: Base camp: what we can learn from the past
Lecture three: Setting out: what you can do to make a difference

Lectures delivered via Zoom, repeated 12.45-2pm and 7.45-9pm

Ticket Cost: £20 for the three lectures

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As Christian disciples – whether seasoned leaders or new believers – we need to be able to confront the pressing issues of today with gospel confidence, Biblical insight and intellectual rigour. The prevailing culture can seem hostile, daunting or unassailable – or we may simply be tempted to withdraw from it. Yet we are called as believers to connect with culture in order to love the lost and engage them with the gospel of Christ.

Learning to engage effectively with culture is like orienteering or going on an epic climb. The hard work starts by getting ready, making sure you’re familiar with the biblical foundations. Then, there’s a lot to be said for allowing voices from the past to further equip us. With these foundations in place you’ll be in a much better position to get stuck in, engaging effectively and bringing glory to God.

In this series of three lectures, Dr Dan Strange from Crosslands and James Mildred from CARE will take us from getting ready, to base camp to setting out. This lecture series is likely to be valuable to any Christian wanting to think further about how to engage with our culture, but doesn’t assume any prior theological training or knowledge of the topic. ‘

Lecture 1
Getting ready: Biblical foundations for getting stuck into culture

To understand culture and Christianity, we need to start with the Bible. What does it really say about culture? What about cultural transformation? In this first lecture, Dr Dan Strange, Director of Crosslands Forum (a new centre for cultural engagement and mission),will guide us through the main biblical principles that compel us to engage effectively in our culture.

Lecture 2
Base camp: what we can learn from the past

Throughout Scripture God calls us to look back, so we can learn, remember, and be equipped for our present context. History teaches us that there’s nothing new under the sun. It makes sense to listen to voices from the past to help us engage with culture in our present day. In this lecture, CARE’s James Mildred will take us on a bird’s eye tour of the past, identifying what leading figures from previous generations got right and what we can then learn.

Lecture 3
Setting out: what you can do to make a difference

With culture changing rapidly all around us, it’s easy to feel fearful about engaging or powerless to do anything about it. In this lecture, we’ll tackle this head-on, demonstrating that all of us can do something. From politics, to education, to social care and much more, in this lecture, Dan and James will provide practical examples of the sort of things you can do to be salt and light.

Each lecture will be delivered twice, at lunchtime and in the evening, to suit different work patterns and availability.

Speaker: Dan Strange
Before joining Crosslands full time, Dan was College Director for Oak Hill Theological College. A former UCCF worker with a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies, Dan lives in Gateshead with his wife Elly and most of their seven children, where they are part of Hope Community Church. He is author of several books, co-founder of The Southgate Fellowship, a trustee of Tyndale House and contributing editor for Themelios.

Speaker: James Mildred
James is the Chief Communications Officer at CARE, a charity that engages politicians on policy and law from a biblical perspective and seeks to equip the church on key social causes. In his role, James speaks to the media, writes, gives talks in churches and oversees CARE’s online presence, from websites, to social media and more. He previously spent two years as a leadership trainee at Grace Church, Yate and before that worked as a press officer in the Scottish Parliament. He’s an elder at Trinity Road Chapel, south London and is married to Cara.

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