Tech Specs: Christlike living in a technological world

Nathan Weston

A series of two lectures by Nathan Weston exploring biblical cultural engagement.

Lectures delivered via Zoom, repeated 1-2pm and 8-9pm

Ticket Cost: £20 for the two lectures

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The world we live in is not just full of technological marvels – it is built on a technological worldview. We see the world through “tech specs”! How did we get to this state of affairs? What impact does it have on us? And how should we view technology through biblical lenses?

In session 1 we will examine the roots and fruit of a technological worldview – how we in the West came to think of the whole created order as raw material to be shaped to our own purposes, and the impact that has on our relationships with God, each other, and the creation.

In session 2 we’ll turn to the Bible’s story of technology. We’ll see that Christlike living in a technological world involves knowing our purpose, embracing our limitations, and asking the right questions of the technology we use.

This two lecture series is an opportunity for church leaders, professionals and others to reflect on the nature of technology and what it looks like to live as Christian disciples in a technological work, and consider the personal and pastoral implications.

Each lecture will be delivered twice, at lunchtime and in the evening, to suit different work patterns and availability.

If you enjoy these two lectures, you may also be interested in a more extended opportunity to engage in the issues of biblical ethics and how they shape the way we think about and live with technology. Nathan will lead a five-session short course Biblical Ethics in the Digital Age starting 12 January 2022, designed for church leaders wishing to pastor their churches in the specific area of use of technology, for professionals whose work demands an appreciation of the ethics and impacts of technology, and for engaged disciples who want to thoughtfully consider how their own use of technology can help them flourish and bring glory to Jesus.

Speaker: Nathan Weston.
Nathan is married to Sîan and they have three children; Ben, Isaac, and Hannah. Nathan and Sian both grew up in Blackpool and were members of Moorlands Church for around 5 years before moving to London for Nathan to train at Oak Hill Theological College. After finishing studies in 2013, they returned to Lancaster for Nathan to take up the position of Associate Pastor.
In his spare time Nathan enjoys highly dangerous extreme sports, such as birdwatching, reading, doing crosswords and listening to Test Match Special.

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