Theology for Life: Crosslands Winter Conference 2022

Dan Strange, Tim Chester, Colin Creighton and Nathan Weston

‘Theology for Life’ is for both experienced Christian leaders and those training for ministry. The goal is to help one another to keep developing firm foundations or re-invigorating our understanding in core theological themes and how they shape our lives, our teaching and the cultures we inhabit. With academic input from Crosslands faculty and other specialist contributors, the learning-community format will also include plenty of opportunity to reflect and apply with fellow learner-leaders.

The conference is at Christ Church Newcastle, 7 Simonside Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5JX.

Bookings close on Thursday 20 January.

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The Winter Conference is in two parts; you can choose to join either one part or both:

Part A: Approaching the World through the Word

(Thurs lunch to Friday lunch)

“…if Christians merely explain the Bible to the culture, then the culture will seek to fit the Bible within the framework of understanding and assumptions that it already possesses”
Chris Watkin

As Christian leaders and disciples, many of us find ourselves attempting to share the gospel by addressing ‘questions’ that the world is no longer asking. Dr Dan Strange will introduce a series of sessions which turn the focus around, exploring the urgent need to scrutinise our culture (and the systems of thought behind it) through a biblical lens. Specialist contributors will then help us to focus on specific themes and patterns in our culture, helping you to see the changing cultural landscape more clearly and introducing you to resources that can help you to understand it through the Bible, and equip others for faithful, fruitful discipleship in a hostile world in need of redemption.

Part B: Doctrines of Grace

(Friday lunch to Saturday 4pm)

“The doctrines of grace make God big and us small. It humbles to find that we are wholly dependent on God. We want to think that some of the credit belongs to us. But the doctrines of grace give all the glory to God.”
Tim Chester

Dr Tim Chester will be working through the theological and philosophical frameworks which underpin the doctrines of grace. A rich introduction for those who are new to this area, or a valuable refresher that brings an opportunity to reflect on the implications for our own discipleship and for what and how we might teach others. Take away a renewed thankfulness for God’s rich gift of grace and ideas on how you might teach and apply these eternal truths afresh in your context.
Sessions will cover:
1. We desperately need God – understanding sin
2. The Spirit awakens God’s people – understanding new birth
3. The Son redeemed God’s people – understanding atonement
4. The Father chose God’s people – understanding election
5. The Trinity keeps God’s people – understanding perseverance
6. God runs the world – understanding providence

Learning community

This is a smaller event that will provide plenty of opportunity to connect with other leaders and learners at different stages of ministry. Specifically:
Dinner Discussion: On Thursday evening each table will offer a different theme for conversation. Join a table focused on a theme that’s of particular interest to you, or suggest a theme if you’d like to convene a conversation on something that’s not on the list.
Celebration evening: Friday evening will include a celebration dinner, marking the graduation of some of our earliest MA graduates and giving thanks for God’s kindness in sustaining us through the past year and in the initiation of Crosslands Forum.


Prices include lunch and evening meals, but not accommodation or breakfast.
Discounted rate applies to Forum partners, Seminary Mentors and existing Foundation Learning Site and Study Group Leaders – please indicate on booking form
Seminary students and Seminary Tutors – Free of charge
Part A only – Full price £45 (Discount price £35)
Part B only – Full price £45 (Discount price £35)
Full event (A and B) – Full price £85 (Discount price £70)

It is our hope that this conference will be able to happen in person in this current covid climate, abiding by government guidelines and restrictions. An online access option will be available. Please contact if you have questions about either option.

Full refund given for cancellations before the 20th January. Late Cancellations will be given a refund at organisers discretion.  Please contact to inform us of cancellations. 

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