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Engaging a diverse community of learner-practitioners across different fields, our goal is to see a huge expansion in the number of churches and leaders who confidently engage their culture with a better story, and who lean into the issues of the day, and offer the hope of salvation to the lost, with the truth of God’s Word.

Here is a recording of the October 2021 Crosslands forum launch event where Dan Strange and Jen Charteris spoke about the background, rationale and hopes for Crosslands Forum:

Why Forum? The biblical imperative to engage with culture and other religions

‘If Christians do not articulate how the Bible explains all other stories in terms of its own story and how it provides a positive vision for society, then other stories will step in to explain the Bible in their own terms and provide that vision in its place.‘ (Dr ChristopherWatkin)

An urgent need

The need for our churches to be developing members and leaders who have both theological and contextual intelligence to faithfully and fruitfully engage culture, connecting and confronting people with the good news of the gospel, has never been more urgent.

Speed of change

Whilst recognising much faithful, brave and sacrificial Christian witness, there is an immense gulf, in the UK and elsewhere, between where our culture is and how well the church is equipped to deal with it and to speak the gospel of Christ into it. Most pastors and church members are overwhelmed by the complexity and speed of change in the culture around them and struggle to know how to bring the light of the gospel into lives and conversations they find utterly alien and confusing. Many are simply in denial. The temptations to conform and look-like the world, to become a holy huddle and look-in, or angrily to lash-out are strong.

A call to witness

By the power of the Holy Spirit we must resist these temptations. God has placed us at a particular time and in a particular context and we are called to share the truth of the gospel with confidence, clarity and grace wherever we find ourselves, however indifferent or hostile our culture may seem, just as Paul did in Athens in Acts 17.

A shared task

To achieve this level of contextual confidence in our evangelism and our engagement in public discourse, we need an active and intentional collaboration between churches, the academy, training providers, and those in the public square. Whilst there are a number of entities doing some aspects of this theological contextual engagement well, our focus is on building a model that bridges all four of these domains, and where the links between them are close and the feedback loops short and frequent.

We are grateful for collaborations established or in the planning stages with several ministries including CARE, The London Project, the Wilberforce Academy, and Acts29. Find out more about our Partners.