Nurturing fresh new voices – marked by biblical clarity, excellent insight, and personal humility – to speak into our culture.

The idea in brief

Across the evangelical church in the UK there are many gifted individuals who have deep knowledge and expertise in different fields, and who work hard at cultivating that knowledge under the authority of Scripture and within an understanding of the creating and redeeming work of God in Christ.

The goal of the Cultivate programme is to identify and nurture those individuals, and provide outlets for their insight, so that their voices can be heard and their expertise shared with the wider church.

Applications open in October 2022. Programme starts in January 2023.
Applications for the 2023-24 Cultivate cohort are now closed.

Who is it for:

Mature disciples of Christ who have developed a deep understanding of a particular field, who have already demonstrated a commitment to allowing God’s word to shape their perspective, and who would like to develop their theological understanding, and extend their reach and skill in sharing their insights and equipping others. Some will have a formal theological education; others may have less formal theological training but will have shown a strong commitment to building biblical and theological understanding through other means.

The cohort will include (but is not limited to) people who might become PhD candidates in the future but the time has not been right yet, or current or completed PhDs who want to connect their academic work to faith and life in service of the church. Participation in the programme will be through a combination of invitation and application.

What’s involved:

Cultivate is a 2 year (January 2023 to February 2025) part-time programme requiring approximately 6-8 hours per week.

For more detailed information on what’s involved and the time commitment required, please download the overview of the programme here.


Fees for the two year Cultivate programme are £1500 (£750 per year).

Programme faculty and contributors

The programme will be led by Matthew Mason, working closely with Dr Dan Strange and a team of other theologians and specialist contributors, offering significant experience as published writers, speakers, communication specialists and leadership coaches.


Lifelong peer relationships.
Theological clarity and rigour added to specialist area of knowledge.
Raised profile and track record in content development and delivery.
Breadth and depth of communication styles and skills.
Tangible, delivered outputs including talks, articles and courses.


Applications for the 2023-24 Cultivate cohort are now closed.

Information about the 2024-25 Cultivate Cohort to follow.