Crosslands Basecamp is a flexible, accessible foundation programme of theological study: a low-risk way of getting started without the big commitment of signing up for a Seminary level programme, or a way to develop the confidence to engage in a more demanding programme of theological study and ministry formation. We anticipate that most of our Basecamp students will take a year to complete the study.

For some people, there will be great ministry training options available locally. You can find some of these through the Gospel Partnerships website.  But if there’s nothing suitable on offer locally, or if you’ve completed some ministry training and want more in-depth theological formation, you may like to consider Crosslands Basecamp as a next step.

How does it work?

The normal Basecamp route involves taking at least six modules from the Crosslands Foundation curriculum, with the added stretch of completing required reading and one written assignment per module (1000-1500 words per assignment). It’s usually completed within a year, but can be taken more quickly or slowly to suit local circumstances.

There are three ways to complete the Basecamp programme:

  1. Join a public cohort.  This would mean joining a group led by a Crosslands tutor, working to a set schedule, and submitting your assignment to deadlines set by your tutor.  This option would include Zoom-calls with the tutor and the rest of your study group at key points during the programme. Your assignments would be graded and you’ll get feedback on your work. Provided you pass all the modules, you’ll receive a Basecamp completion certificate.
  2. Create a local cohort.  A pastor or another Christian leader can create and lead a cohort in their local area. If you want participants to receive a Basecamp completion certificate then this group leader would need to be approved by the Crosslands faculty, and a Crosslands faculty member will moderate the marking of assignments to validate your grades.
  3. Independent learning. This involves working through the learning material at your own pace and in your preferred order, submitting the assignments to deadlines you set for yourself.  We would expect you to have a nominated mentor who can help you connect your learning to your local setting and help you to keep on track with the work.  A Crosslands tutor will grade your assignments and give you feedback. Provided you complete and pass at least six modules within a 24 month period, you’ll receive a Basecamp completion certificate.

Is Basecamp for me?

Basecamp might be a good option for you if you:

  • Are looking for more depth than Foundation study, but can’t commit to more than one year of training
  • Don’t feel confident for Seminary level training, but would like to be better equipped for that
  • Don’t meet the entry requirements for Seminary level training, but would like a certificate that will make that possible
  • Are interested in a broad suite of training that meets you where you are
  • Are undertaking a ministry trainee/intern year


To find out more about enrolling in Basecamp or setting up a local Basecamp study group, make an enquiry and someone will be in touch.