Expedition is a flexible and structured programme for those preparing to church plant or revitalise. Participate in a two year programme, alongside a peer group, led by experienced church leaders with experience of church planting and revitalisation.

The programme is due to begin in February 2025. Email planting@crosslands.training for more information.


  • Disciples first. We recognise that everyone in our community of lifelong learners is a disciple first. We pray that our students will grow in dependence on Christ and the power of His word.
  • Development not replication. We aim to train the individual, rather than recreate a pipeline that has worked for others. We recognise that everyone’s pathway through ministry is different.
  • Community not competition. We prioritise real change, gospel relationships and shared reliance between our students.
  • Rigorous not unrealistic. We aim to be theologically robust, while knowing that theology must be put to use. We equip students to be responsible learners, and to apply their learning in real time.


Year 1

  • Know and tell the gospel
  • The grace fuelled planter
  • A vision for the role of the church
  • Learning to lead the self
  • Contextualisation and mission
  • Developing a philosophy of ministry
  • Setting & communicating vision
  • Social action and care + persecution and suffering (module title TBC)
  • Church plants and UK charity law
  • Leading through conflict
  • Leading a church through change and growth

Year 2

  • Growing in spiritual health and vitality
  • Growing a healthy church culture
  • Leading through revitalisation
  • Fundraising
  • Developing the role of preaching in the church plant
  • Developing a vision for pastoral care
  • Leadership & overcoming obstacles
  • Developing theological and spiritual depth in the church plant
  • Raising and developing future leaders
  • Interconnected, developing relationships with other churches, groups, networks and movements
  • Evaluating the journey, reflections and lessons so far

Who is it for

Expedition is for those preparing or actively church planting or pursuing revitalisation projects, who will have had theological training at some level already.

What’s involved

Expedition is a 2 year (February – December) part-time programme requiring approximately ½ day per week.

For more detailed information on what’s involved and the time commitment required, please download the overview of the programme here: Expedition What’s involved.


Fees for the two year Expedition programme are £3,000 (£1,500 per year).

Key contributors

Andy Weatherley is one of the founding pastors of Grace Church in Stirchley in 2007, planted from City Church Birmingham to be a local community church, but which became a church revitalisation project. He was a founding trustee of the 2020 Birmingham church planting network with a specific focus on training and coaching church planters. From 2017 Andy has run the City to City Incubator training programme, trained with European church planters on the City to City Intensive and is part of the CMM training programme as an accredited church planting coach.

Jen Charteris is Crosslands’ Executive Director. Jen joined Crosslands after more than 25 years working in organisational leadership and management consulting for government and private sector clients. She teaches on Christian leadership, organisational health and governance, and supports and trains church planters through Crosslands.

Dan Strange is Director of Crosslands Forum, which aims to equip the local church to engage with culture and answer society’s big questions. Before joining Crosslands full time, Dan was  Director of Oak Hill Theological College. He has a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies, and is an elder in his local church.


  • Develop the theological, spiritual and practical foundations needed for healthy leadership of a church plant or revitalisation.
  • A syllabus rich in biblical theology, practical wisdom and applied to the heart.
  • Curated by experienced practitioners and contextualised for your mission field.
  • Mixed-mode learning combining taught, peer-group and self-directed study. Designed to fit alongside ongoing ministry.
  • Guided projects to anticipate challenges and develop strategies tailored for local realities.
  • A peer group enabling you to creatively learn from others, explore ideas and solutions in a supportive and rigorous environment before implementing within your context.