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Crosslands Foundations are flexible short courses to equip church members, small group leaders, interns and elders for discipleship and ministry. These courses are designed to help disciples grow in knowledge and love of God through his word, able to serve the body of Christ and confident to reach out in mission amongst our local communities.

Whilst some churches are able to prepare and deliver training in-house, many churches will never have the capacity to do that all themselves. Crosslands has created this menu of resources to support and enrich the training that local churches can provide: trusted resources for growing disciples, overseen by local leaders.

You can deliver these courses for a group or study as an individual. The order, pace and intensity are completely flexible so you can take or run the courses you need, whenever you need them. You can follow a recommended study plan or select modules according to your local training needs and priorities each year.

The basics

Each Foundation course involves roughly 15-20 hours of study, structured as nine units of approx 1.5-2 hours per unit. Course materials include readings, video, reflections, prompts for prayer, group discussion questions and application activities.

For personal study, you can select a course, enrol, and begin studying within minutes.

For those leading groups there are tools to interact with group members, track how learners are doing, and set your own deadlines and reminders for completing steps in the course.

If you want to set up a study group, contact us and we’ll help you plan a programme and get your group set up. For larger groups with learners from more than one church we can also create a bespoke webpage and participant sign up form, simplifying the admin so that you can focus on leading your group of learners.

What Foundation courses cover

Crosslands Foundation courses cover core areas of discipleship including biblical, pastoral, doctrinal, missional and leadership themes. Each course can stand alone, meaning that they can be studied in any order. We have mapped out some recommended routes that may help leaders to plan a programme of study for different groups and purposes.

New courses are being added all the time. Here’s what’s available in 2022-23:

Christian Discipleship Reading & Understanding the Bible Preaching & Teaching the Bible (Autumn 2022)
Evangelism Bible Overview (July 2022) Ministry Philosophy
Pastoral Care (July 2022) Christian Doctrine Part One Biblical Eldership
Church History (Sept. 2022) Christian Doctrine Part Two Intercultural missional church
Rural ministry


There is also an extended version of selected courses available. We call these Basecamp. With extra reading and written assignments, Basecamp courses are ideal for those who want to take the first step in more stretching theological and ministry formation, either as part of a short term internship or as an on-ramp to more intensive theological education such as Crosslands Seminary.

Basecamp courses will be available from September 2022, contact us if you would like to discuss the basecamp option.