Crosslands exists for the sake of the local church: to provide trusted theological resources, training and networks that equip believers for mission and ministry – to the glory of Christ.

We help to form disciples and leaders in the context of the local church, in partnership with the local church, for the sake of the local church. Our convictions, content and delivery model all keep the local church at the heart of learning.

How does group study work?

Although individual study is possible, our courses have been designed to promote learning in community with others.

Foundation resources can be tailored in a variety of ways to suit the needs, context and availability of those in the group. Our flexible course design allows local leaders to set the curriculum, pace and intensity of study, and oversee the progress in the group.

Your groups may choose to:

  • Work through the course material together, or ‘flip the classroom’ (in other words, work through the material independently and then meet to reflect on what’s been learned, discuss how to apply it, and pray together.)
  • Meet weekly, monthly or termly.
  • Meet in the evening or the daytime.
  • Meet in person or online.
  • Study one module at a time or cover two or more simultaneously.
  • Discuss one unit at a time or to review two or three units each time you meet.
  • Supplement the course material with locally designed and led teaching such as talks, project activities or workshop sessions.

How do we set up a Foundation group?

  • Decide who you intend to train and what you want to achieve with the training.
  • Identify a Group Leader. Your Group Leader does not need any formal theological training, nor do they need to be particularly experienced in training others. We will provide some training to help equip them to lead the group.
  • Have the Group Leader get in touch ( to discuss how they want to run the Foundation Group.
  • We will walk your Group Leader through the process of forming a new Foundation Group. This will include providing a demo login to sample material, and discussing curriculum options, different ways of running the group and costs and payment options.
  • For groups that include learners from more than one local church, we can create a simple webpage and signup form, making it easier for you to publicise your Foundation Group and enrol your learners.

We also offer a discount on Foundation courses to Foundation Groups.


Can we add our own elements to the training?

Yes! We encourage churches to think creatively about combining the Crosslands Foundation material with other inputs or activities. For example, you may want to add in guest speakers, skills workshops or conference days. We aim to give Group Leaders a flexible set of tools to build a training programme that works in your context.

Purchasing material for learners

Once your Foundation Group has been approved, you will need to let us know what course you intend to study and when you will need access. You can add new courses at any time, and you can add different courses for different learners.

We ask for at least one week’s notice to give access to learners though it might take slightly longer at busy times of the year.

There are two different ways you can do this, depending on whether you want to handle individual payments directly or not.

Option 1 – Each learner pays for their own access

Some groups prefer us to handle payments directly with their participants.
1. We will add the Group Leader to the course as a moderator.
2. The Group Leader will invite the participants directly to the course.
3. Each group member will purchase the module through the link and set up an account on the Crosslands Learning Platform.

Option 2 – A single payment on behalf of the group

Many groups prefer to make a single payment for each course on behalf of the group. This is an attractive option if fees are being covered primarily by the church (eg training interns), if you want to factor in other costs such as food or room hire, or if you are subsidising the study cost.
1. We will invoice your Foundation Group directly. It will be up to you to decide how much you charge your participants.
2. Crosslands will add the Group Leader to the course as a moderator.
3. The Group Leader will invite the participants directly to the course, and send them a 100% discount code.
4. Each group member will access the module through the link, enter the 100% discount and set up an account on the Crosslands learning platform.

How much does it cost?

The standard cost to access our Foundation material is £18 per person per course. A discount of 25% is provided to all members of a Study Group. Further discounts may be available for those churches who Partner with Crosslands. For more information on this please refer to the Partnership page on our website.

What does Crosslands expect from Group Leaders?

Crosslands exists to serve local churches and groups of churches. Our website and this document set out our commitments and the many practical ways in which we will seek to serve you. Because partnership takes commitment, there are some things we need from you in return:We expect each group to run in a manner consistent with Crosslands’ Statement of Faith and Ethos.

  • We ask all Group Leaders to confirm their agreement with this document and sign a Foundation Group agreement.
  • We expect Foundation Group Leaders to take responsibility for supporting and caring for participants and creating a positive environment for learning and growth;
  • We expect those in charge of the Foundation Group to manage their own recruitment and field any questions from learners, contacting Crosslands ( if necessary.
  • We expect Foundation Group Leaders to ensure that all participants purchase their courses through the Crosslands Learning platform, or to communicate appropriately with Crosslands who will purchase the courses on their behalf.
  • We expect Foundation Group Leaders to abide by the copyright rules and not reproduce materials without written permission, and to ensure their learners do likewise.
  • We expect that the Foundation Group or host church will ensure that they are covered by the necessary liability insurance. Crosslands will not be held responsible for any damages or claims made against Foundation Groups or their host churches.
  • We expect Foundation Group Leaders to engage with Crosslands, providing feedback to help improve what we offer, building relationships and seeking partnership with other Foundation Groups to share best practices, and participating in trainer-training where appropriate.
  • We expect prompt payment of all invoices.