Who is it for?

The Foundation Course in Dublin is led by City Church Dublin in collaboration with Irish Church Missions and churches of the Dublin Gospel Partnership. The course is suitable for motivated congregation members, apprentices, elders and small group leaders.


The ultimate goal of any theological study is the glory of Jesus. We learn in order to have our affections stirred for Christ, to grow as his disciples and to be equipped for service. The foundation course helps us get to grips with the scriptures and to see how the Gospel affects every area of life. We will also be studying with people from churches across Dublin, applying our learning together as we seek to make Jesus known in our particular context.

The course is designed to be flexible and studied alongside the commitments of daily life. There will only be 3 seminar evenings during any given 6 week term because we want people to maintain their commitment to their own church small groups etc. Outside of our centralised gatherings the teaching material is easily accessible online and each unit takes just 1-2 hours of study per week.

How it works

The programme will run in conjunction with the academic year (September to June) and we will offer FOUR “terms” taught in six week blocks:

Two modules between September and Christmas

One module between January and Easter

One module between Easter and June

Each term will balance a mixture of self-study (individual or in a small group) as well as centralised teaching evenings. Modules are comprised of 9 Units and so a term would run like this:

Week 1 – Unit 1 TAUGHT centrally and continue with Unit 2 the rest of the week

Week 2 – Unit 3 self-study/small group

Week 3 – Unit 4 TAUGHT and continue with Unit 5

Week 4 – Unit 6 self-study/small group

Week 5 – Unit 7 TAUGHT centrally continue with Unit 8

Week 6 – Unit 9 self-study/small group

Individuals or church groups can sign up for one module, all four or anything in between. If you complete all eight modules in this “Introduction to Christian Ministry” track you will receive a certificate recognising your work.

€30 per module or €100 for all four.

All study materials, videos, exercises and reflections are accessed online via the Crosslands website.

Curriculum for 2020/21

Bible Truth in Missional Perspective

Gospel Living

Gospel Community


Key Dates

Module 1 will run from 28th September with teaching evenings on:

28th September

12th October

26th October

Site Leaders

Mark Smith: (Lead Pastor City Church Dublin), David Martin (Director of Irish Church Missions)

Tutors are drawn from evangelical churches across Dublin, all are theologically trained and have experience in pastoral ministry.

Administrator: contact us on dublin@crosslands.training