Who is it for?

Leaders, future leaders, and anyone who wants to grow in the knowledge of God, ourselves and His mission in our world.


To understand God’s truths and how they apply in our world, specifically how to apply them in our own churches. God wants us to know more about Him, and in turn, that strengthens not only our churches, but our own personal joy in the faith.

How it works

The course will run from October to July and is designed to be as flexible as possible whilst also learning together in community. We’ve combined self-directed study (1-2 hours per week) with larger conference days. For the self-directed study, each student will have access to study materials, videos, exercises, and reflections online through the Crosslands website. At the beginning and ending of each module all the students in our learning site will gather together on conference days to discuss in more depth with each other what we’ve learned.

1st Year – for this year you sign up for the whole year to study these modules:

  • Union with Christ

  • The Holy Spirit

  • Living the Cross and Resurrection

  • Bible Truth in Missional Perspective

2nd Year – for the second year you can pick whether you do all these modules or maybe just do one or two of them:

  • Gospel Change

  • Gospel Community

  • Evangelism

  • Understanding God’s Story

Curriculum for 2020/21

Union with Christ

The Holy Spirit

Living the Cross and Resurrection

Bible Truth in Missional Perspective

Gospel Living

Gospel Community


Key Dates

17 Oct – Intro and overview: all students taking any module present

19 Dec – 1st year: Union with Christ, and 2nd year: Gospel Change

27 Feb – 1st year: The Holy Spirit, 2nd year: Gospel Community

1 May – 1st year: Living the Cross and Resurrection, 2nd year: Evangelism

3 July – 1st year: Bible Truth in Missional Perspective, 2nd year: Understanding God’s Story

Site Leaders

Left to right:

Mike Tindall is the lead pastor of Grace Church . Grace Church is an international family church that meets in Moss Side on Sundays and in homes around urban South Manchester during the week.

Jamie Kidd is the lead pastor of Emmanuel Community Church. Emmanuel Community Church Stockport is a family church that wants to see God glorified as we meet on Sundays, throughout the week in people’s homes and as we reach our communities and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Greg Willson is the lead planter of Redeemer in Chorlton. Redeemer is a church that loves Jesus, loves people, and helps cultivate the culture in Chorlton.



Contact us on manchester@crosslands.training


Emmanuel Community Church,

Houldsworth Mill, Houldsworth Street,