Who is it for?

The Foundation Course is for people who are a committed part of Hope Church Rhondda who are looking to deepen their knowledge and faith and live it out, or for small-group leaders, interns or elders from churches in and around Rhondda who want to do likewise.


Crosslands will challenge us to be changed by the Bible in order to be  motivated for worship and mission; developing maturity in our discipleship as we seek to make disciples for Jesus. We seek to do this as a community and to encourage each other along as we grow in our knowledge and love of God and of his world together.

The course is designed to be studied alongside the commitments of daily life, without sacrificing rigour or theological depth.

How it works

The programme will run throughout the year. Each module is bookended by a conference day. We are going to be running four modules between January 2019 and August 2019. Dates and modules are listed below. Click on the modules below to explore the content more!

Conference days are an opportunity for us to come together as a learning community. The focus of these days will be to drive us on to putting what we have learnt into practice and will include speakers, chances for discussion and practical application.

Between conferences days participants are encouraged to a study in twos or threes, this creates further space to reflect and apply the material they are covering. This can range from meeting up at a set time weekly, or checking in with each other every now and then on the phone. The aim is to keep each other motivated and encouraged as we study the material.

Participants can pick additional modules to study on their own if they wish. All study materials, videos, exercises and reflections are accessed online via the Crosslands website.


Over the year, everyone works through the following 4 modules:

Gospel Living

Gospel Community

The Bible in Missional Perspective

Missional Church and Church Planting

Site Leaders

Left to right:

Simon Dalton (Hope Church Rhondda)

Ben Franks (Hope Church Rhondda)

Administrator: contact us on rhondda@crosslands.training