Who is it for?

We welcome any Christian with interest in these topics who’s based in a church in the West Coast of Scotland. We would especially recommend these courses for those in leadership positions like home group leader, youth and children’s volunteer, elder, but they are accessible to any disciple who wants to learn.

Why join the learning site?

It provides an opportunity to know Jesus better and be encouraged and equipped in serving him. The learning is flexible using a combination of online study and regular meetings with the opportunity to learn from leaders from a group of local churches.

How it works:

This learning site is run by West Coast Gospel Partnership, using resources from Crosslands Training. We are running 5 courses concurrently (depending on interest), and you can register for these using the form below. If you have any questions about the learning site or courses, please contact training@wcgp.org.

Courses available

Site Leaders

Richard Woods, Seagate Church Troon

Lee Ballantine, Harvest Church Ayr

Nathan Owens, Maxwell Church

Address of Learning Site

Seagate Church, Troon

Key info

  • Term: Aug 2024-June 2025
  • Meetings: In-person review/discussion meetings will be held on Sat 2nd Nov, 1st Feb, 10th May 10:00-12:00 at Seagate Evangelical Church. Refreshments provided.
  • The price for study on one Crosslands course is £16, which is payable online when you register.
  • Please note you will need access to a laptop or computer to access the Crosslands learning platform, and if any of the group meetings move online. We will get back to you when you have been put in a group.
  • Once submitted, we will send you an email to confirm receipt of your submission.