Who is it for and why join the learning site ?

The learning site is for ministry trainees, church members, gospel workers.

Our aim is to train gospel workers for mission and ministry in the places where they live and work. This training may well form part of an internship, a church training programme, or your mission agency local training. We encourage each person participating to have a coach and ministry context for them to apply the training.

How it works:

Each module is from one of four training areas: Bible/Doctrine, Character, Community and World. Throughout the year we will study 12 modules, two per half term. Modules will be accessed either in paper form or online (not all modules are available online at present). You will need to complete the required reading and exercises before our biweekly meeting. This reading should take between 4-5 hours over two weeks but depending on the module and your reading speed this may vary.

The course will start Wednesday 8th September.

Modules to study:

Understanding God’s Story

Gospel Change

Gospel Community


Site Leaders:

Jez Dearing

Andrew Harris

Jonny Richards

Dan Mandley


Contact us on: hello@oikoscollective.co.uk

The learning site will be hosted at our city centre office:

9th Floor, Quayside Tower,

252-260 Broad Street,