Healthy Christian leaders never stop learning and growing. Crosslands Lifelong Learning is an extension programme for experienced pastors and others established in gospel ministry: food for the journey to sustain us over a lifetime of ministry.

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Led by pastor-theologians and other experienced Christian leaders, these short courses will help you to keep growing in theological understanding, personal discipleship and ministry leadership as you encounter different challenges and opportunities across your lifetime in ministry. We aim to achieve that by providing rich and valuable content and by fostering and sustaining learning relationships amongst leaders.

The annual programme is designed to take participants deeper into a part of Scripture, an area of doctrine, and aspects of pastoral ministry, mission and leadership. You can sign up for a single course or opt into the full programme for a given year.

Focus Format Theme for 2024
Jan – Feb Bible 24 hr in-person intensive focusing on a single bible book or the connection between books of the bible. Preliminary work to enrich your planning and preparation for teaching or preaching. Interpreting Ecclesiastes led by Alex Kirk. Pre-reading, leading to an in-person intensive in Newcastle on 1-3 Feb 2024.
Apr – Jun Pastoral Work on an in-depth paper from a selection of options on a broad theme, with recommended reading. Finish with a seminar day (in person or on zoom) for discussion and tutor feedback. Prayer: Contemplation, Mindfulness and Stress, led by Colin Creighton. Pre-reading wrapping up with a seminar day in June 2024.
Oct – Nov Doctrine Book group format: Read a substantial work of doctrine and meet online weekly to discuss and apply it. 5+ weekday sessions (depending on length of selected book). John Owen on the Spiritual Life, led by Dr Tim Chester. Five weekly sessions on Tues mornings, starting in November 2024.
Year round Culture and Mission A variety of one off events and short courses on engaging culture for the purpose of mission, offered by Crosslands Forum throughout the year.
Year round Leadership In development: short courses and workshops addressing the personal and practical challenges of leading well through all seasons of ministry.
Year round Hot topics One off zoom seminars on specialist subjects:
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