What is it about?

This reading group is an opportunity to deepen your biblical theological foundations for pastoral ministry by reading one of the classic works of historical theology. St Augustine is widely seen as the father of Western theology and his Confessions is one of the most influential books in Western thought. Seeking to interpret his own experience, Augustine explores how human beings can know God. The result is part apologetic argument; part spiritual guide. Augustine himself said his aim was “to lift up the understanding and affection of people to the just and good God”. The Confessions look at how human beings “work”, especially how we’re driven by what we love, what goes wrong when our love becomes disordered and how we can be reoriented towards God. Expect plenty of pastoral, apologetic and devotional application.

Who is it for?

The reading group is aimed at those who are established in ministry (whether in a supported full-time role or in an unpaid capacity) who want to keep learning and growing as they lead and equip others in the Christian life. There is no requirement for prior formal theological education but you will need a good general theological understanding, and be able to engage confidently with more advanced theological texts to be able to make the most of the course. It is ideally suited for Crosslands alumni.

What is involved?

A weekly online reading group with 1.5-hour sessions on Wednesday mornings in November 2023. There will be 4-5 hours pre-reading each week (with the option of a shorter selection). The weekly sessions will not be lectures, but an open discussion of the issues raised in the reading.

When will it happen?

Wednesday mornings, 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th November 2023. (Exact times to be confirmed.)

What does it cost?


Led by Dr Tim Chester, Crosslands Training Faculty.

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