Crosslands Seminary exists to provide in-context theological training and ministry formation for church planters, aspiring church leaders, specialist ministry leaders or those in other vocations who want to invest in theological education to shape their lives and leadership. The programme aims to give students a good understanding of key theological concepts along with their pastoral and missional implications, being equipped to lead others in the Christian life.

As well as receiving an excellent theological training, Crosslands Seminary students can:

  • Keep on living and serving in your local church
  • Fit in weekly study flexibly alongside family, church and work life
  • Enjoy being part of a diverse learning community
  • Benefit from the teaching of gospel-hearted theologians
  • Flourish with the support of a pastorally experienced tutor.

Students can choose from a four-year MA in Christian Ministry (awarded by South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary – SEBTS) or three-year unaccredited Crosslands Certificate. It is also possible to study for just one or two years.

What it covers

Each year students will cover four modules, covering Biblical, Pastoral, Doctrinal and Missional topics. The first three years are run as a rolling curriculum for all students. Students taking the accredited option will have a 4th year of study to complete the full Masters’ curriculum.

Biblical Pastoral Doctrine Mission
Year C
(2022 – 23)
Introduction to Biblical Theology Bible Exposition Doctrine in Historical Perspective Church Planting (or specialist electives)
Year A
(2023 – 2024)
New Testament Introduction Pastoral Ministry God, Humanity & Christ Evangelism & Apologetics
Year B
(2024 -25)
Old Testament Introduction Dynamics of Spiritual Growth Salvation, the Church & Eschatology Culture & Context
Year D (MA only)
(2025 -2026)
Advanced Biblical Studies Biblical Counselling (SEBTS) Christian Leadership (with specialist electives) Great Commission Studies (SEBTS)

How it works

The Crosslands Seminary programme is designed as a blended learning programme, combining the best of self-managed study and in-person participation. Whilst the week-to-week study pattern is completely flexible to suit your schedule, our standards are high and the course completion requirements are robust. Students enrolling on the Seminary programme are embarking on a structured and rigorous programme of study that involves weekly completion deadlines, graded assignments, and participation in scheduled seminar days and residential teaching intensives.

Residential Teaching Intensives

Modules are introduced and closed out with intensive teaching sessions which take place in a residential setting (with virtual participation possible by exception).

  • Autumn (5 days)
  • Winter (2 days)
  • Summer (5 days)

These residentials are also a great time for relationships, prayer, reflection and conversation. Dates for residentials are known well in advance and participation is a course completion requirement.

Weekly Study

Every week (for 36 weeks of the year) there is set reading, research, reflection and application work to be done in your own time. You need to be able to set aside 10-12 hours per week for study. By a given deadline at the end of each week you are required to share your answer to a summary discussion question with your tutor and other members of your tutor group, demonstrating your understanding and application of the work you’ve covered during the week.

Assignments and Tutor Group Seminar days

Students are allocated to small tutor groups (5-7 students per group). For each of the four modules across the year, you will produce an interim and a final assignment. The reading and writing time for completing these assignments is set aside as part of your weekly study hours in the relevant weeks. For the first interim assignment (biblical module) and all the final assignments, you will also meet up as a tutor group to present and discuss your assignments with other students, under the leadership of your tutor.

Mentoring in your local church

All students should be involved with a local church and study with the active support of the local leadership. A leader who knows you will have to confirm this as part of your application and ongoing study.

Specialist Tracks

In addition to our core seminary programme, there are options to enrol in the course as part of a specialist track.


For both options, fees include everything for the year (including any associated accreditation charges), except travel to the Residentials, travel to the Pastoral Conferences and any set texts you choose to buy.

Crosslands does not offer any support with funding however, we can provide a fundraising pack, to help students raise support, on request. Please contact us if this would be helpful.

Course Fees Accredited MA in Christian Ministry Unaccredited Crosslands Certificate
Pounds (£) £3,750 per student per year

Total for 4 years study £15,000

£2,650 per student per year

Total for 3 years study £7,950

Euros (€) €4,300 per student per year

Total for 4 years study €17,200

€3,000 per student per year

Total for 4 years study €9,000

Virtual Hub Accredited MA in Christian Ministry Unaccredited Crosslands Certificate
Pounds (£) £3,500 per student per year

Total for 4 years study £14,000

£2,400 per student per year

Total for 3 years study £7,950

Euros (€) €4,000 per student per year

Total for 4 years study €17,200

€2,725 per student per year

Total for 4 years study €9,000

Please get in touch if you’d like to explore joining our seminary course.