Who is it for?

The Crosslands ‘Vocation, Life and Leadership’ (VLL) Seminary track is for believers working in any area of life who long for deeper theological education and personal formation that will equip them to be godly, influential disciples and leaders both in their field of work and in their local church. It offers a rounded, in-depth theological formation but with the specific perspectives, challenges and opportunities of living and leading as a Christian in a workplace or other vocational context in mind. It provides students with the opportunity to explore the cultural, ethical and professional issues they encounter from a gospel perspective, in the context of a peer group and under the leadership of a specialist tutor (for Sept 2021: Dr Dan Strange).

What will the course cover?

The ‘Vocation, Life and Leadership’ (VLL) track will follow a similar pattern of modules as the main Crosslands Seminary programme. However for every module there will be reading, assignment choices, and tutorials that have been specifically designed for those who want to be theologically equipped for godly leadership, cultural exegesis and apologetic engagement in whatever vocation and context they find themselves. VLL students will also have one or two unique modules focused more directly on their specific needs and interests. The VLL cohort will be tutored through the programme by a tutor with specialist knowledge and experience of public theology and cultural engagement.

Year B
(2021 -22)
Year C
(2022 – 23)
Year A
(2023 – 2024
Year D (MA only)
(2024 -2025)
Biblical Old Testament Introduction* Introduction to Biblical Theology* New Testament Introduction* Advanced Biblical Studies
Pastoral Dynamics of Spiritual Growth* Bible Exposition* Pastoral Ministry** Biblical Counselling (SEBTS)
Doctrine Salvation, the Church & Eschatology* Doctrine in Historical Perspective* God, Humanity & Christ* Christian Leadership (with specialist electives)***
Mission Culture & Context** Specialist elective*** Evangelism & Apologetics** Great Commission Studies (SEBTS)

*   Minor: VLL applications through reading, exercise and assignment options
**   Significant: strong elements of VLL focus and application within the module
***   Bespoke: Module designed specifically for VLL students

Will I really be able to fit in the study time?

Please read the section on ‘How does the course work in practice?’ under the more general FAQs in the appendix.   Although the programme does require a significant time commitment (at least 10 hours per week plus two intensive weeks per year), the flexible learning model allows for weekly study to fit around family, church and work commitments. Some students work a 0.8FTE working week to make time for this study; others manage to fit it around a full time job. You should consider how you would make this work in your own circumstances. Other specific time commitments to factor in are:

  • Participation in residential teaching weeks: There are two five day residentials weeks (September and June) and a shorter residential (usually two days) in winter. Participation in these events is a core requirement for completing the course. Whilst catch up arrangements are possible if missing one of these is unavoidable, it is still the expectation that you will attend the vast majority of these teaching days, normally in person (online by exception). You should therefore consider how you might manage your annual leave (or negotiate additional leave with your employer) to ensure you can attend these and still have enough leave available for rest and family time.
  • Seminar days: There are five seminar days with your tutor, spread across the year. For most students these are scheduled for a week day, but your tutor will consult the group on how best to schedule these dates for those with secular day jobs (e.g whether to schedule these for a Saturday or spread each seminar day over two evenings).

Where would my tutor group be?

Those students who want to follow the Vocation, Life and Leadership track would be allocated to a specialist tutor group which would be led by a specialist tutor. Since we expect that students in this group are likely to be geographically dispersed, there will always be the option to participate in seminar days (or evenings) virtually.

In what other ways does Crosslands support my ministry specialism?

By studying under the direction of specialist tutors and in community with others with similar goals, roles, challenges and interests, you establish relationships that will support you through the ups and downs of your working life: praying together, sharing ideas, inviting help and advice. The VLL cohort also interacts with and influences the wider student body, helping to give those training for other ministry roles a greater awareness of the needs, opportunities and challenges of believers seeking to serve and lead as Christians in the workplace and wider world.

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