Who is it for?

The Crosslands Cross Cultural Ministry (CCM) track is for those who are already in or preparing for ministry and mission in a cross cultural context, whether at home or abroad. It offers a rounded, in-depth theological formation but with the specific perspectives, challenges and opportunities of cross cultural mission and ministry in mind. The flexible learning model allows people working and living in remote or changing circumstances to sustain a programme of study as part of a strong learning community wherever they find themselves. For example, missionaries preparing to move abroad could begin the programme before leaving home, and continue after they move.

What does the course cover?

The Cross Cultural Ministry track (CCM) will follow a similar pattern of modules as the main Crosslands Seminary programme. However for every module there will be reading, assignment choices, and tutorials that have been specifically designed for those involved in or preparing for cross cultural mission. CCM students will also have two unique modules focused on practical aspects of CCM, and will be tutored through the programme by a tutor with direct experience of cross cultural mission.

The course will run as a rolling programme for the first three years (ie all students in years 1-3 study the same modules in a given year), with students who opt for MA accreditation completing a final 4th year at the end of the programme to complete their accreditation. The following table shows how the rolling programme works, and the extent of CCM adaptation across the curriculum.

Year A
(2023 – 24)
Year B
(2024 – 25)
Year C
(2025 – 26)
Final Year  (Year D)
Biblical New Testament Introduction* Old Testament Introduction* Introduction to Biblical Theology* Advanced Biblical Studies
Pastoral Pastoral Ministry** Dynamics of Spiritual Growth* Bible Exposition* Biblical Counselling (SEBTS)
Doctrine God, Humanity & Christ* Salvation, the Church & Eschatology* Doctrine in Historical Perspective* Christian Leadership (with specialist electives)***
Mission Evangelism & Apologetics**  Culture & Context** Cross Cultural Ministry*** Great Commission Studies (SEBTS)

*   Minor: CCM applications through reading, exercise and assignment options
**   Significant: strong elements of CCM focus and application within the module
***   Bespoke: Module designed specifically for CCM students

Where would my tutor group be?

Those students who want to follow the specialist CCM track would be allocated to a specialist tutor group which would be led by a tutor with experience of cross cultural mission and ministry. This would not be necessarily geographically close to you, so virtual participation in seminar days will always be an option for CCM students.

Do I have to attend residentials in the UK?

No. Participation in ‘residential’ teaching weeks is part of the completion requirement for the course, but we make provision for online participation for those who are not able to travel to the UK to attend in person. Rather than being a sub-optimal ‘add on’ to the physical residentials, we will provide a separate, fully online option for remote students – the ‘Virtual Hub’. However if it is at all possible to attend at least one of the residentials physically, ideally in the first year, we’d strongly encourage you to do that.

If you are likely to need to participate as a member of the Virtual Hub (either for the full programme or at some point during your studies with us), you’ll need to explain the reasons for this in your application. We expect that those in the Virtual Hub will do all within their power to ensure that they have access to a good internet connection for the duration of the residential events and seminar days, recognising that for some students in the most remote places, this may mean arranging to travel to a different location on those dates.

In what other ways does Crosslands support my ministry specialism?

By studying under the direction of specialist tutors and in community with others with similar ministry goals, roles and interests, you establish relationships that will support you through a lifetime of ministry: praying together, sharing ideas, inviting help and advice. The CCM cohort also interacts with and influences the wider student body, helping to give those training for other ministry roles a greater awareness of the need for cross cultural mission and how local churches can better partner with and support those involved in cross cultural ministries.

I’m not sure I want to take the specialist CCM track. Can I pick and choose some of the elements?

To a limited extent, yes. Students who are not registered for this track will still get to see any specialist assignment options within the course material, and may choose these options for some modules if your tutor agrees to that. We can also help you to network with the CCM students informally, for example at residentials. However, unless you are registered for the CCM variant you will not be able to take the two CCM elective modules (in years C and D), and you will not be studying under the supervision of a specialist tutor.

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