New Christian Ethics course

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new Foundation course on Christian Ethics  – a joint initiative between Christian Action, Research and Training (CARE) and Crosslands Training. Here’s an introduction to the new course – why we’ve created it and what to expect.

What’s the new course all about? 

What does it mean to live life well from the point of view of the Bible? This question has taken on specific forms in recent years, as issues of humanity, identity, and the ethics involved have reared their heads. For any Christian living in the twenty-first century, it’s vital to be able to tackle these issues from a biblical perspective, with grace and wisdom.

But we all find that these questions – as well as the daily ethical mess of real life – are not straightforward. The competing ethical frameworks that society throws at us are complex and confusing. And even the events of the biblical narrative raise difficult ethical questions.

This Foundation course was written by Nathan Weston, a pastor in Lancaster who has a PhD in technology, and created in collaboration with Christian Action, Research and Education (CARE).  The aim is to equip local churches to think biblically in this area. We pray that it will help us as disciples to answer much bigger questions, like: – What kind of way of life ought I to pursue? – What kind of person ought I to be? – How should I live wisely and well for Jesus in any and every situation? – all in the light of foundational truths about God and his world.

What does the course cover? 

Over nine sessions, the course helps learners understand the foundations of ethics that the world has historically offered to us, and the problems that they present. It unpacks a whole-bible perspective  that provides us with a better, richer and more cohesive framework which holds together all the key elements we need to navigate a messy ethical landscape. It also dives into some of the tricky ethical questions presented by the Bible, and applies God’s word to some of the hot ethical issues that are dividing society in this present age.

Who is the course for? 

This course is designed to be accessible for regular congregation members, from older teenagers to mature Christians who are looking for biblical wisdom on the issues we face. It works well for individual study, but is designed for groups to use this course in your local contexts to build one another up and equip yourselves for mission wherever you are.

We recommend taking a ‘Flipped Learning’ approach if you take this course with a group.

How does the course work? 

Like all of our Foundation courses, the material is delivered through an online learning platform, which is simple and intuitive to use. There’s content to read, videos to watch, questions to answer in your own time, and prompts for prayer. There are also visual images that bring some of the key ideas to life and make them memorable.

There are no assessments involved,  and you can take this course in your own time, for your own discipleship. But the learning platform makes group study very easy to co-ordinate, and to interact with each other on reflection questions, set dates for completing different steps, and have a group leader or moderator who can track how everyone is doing and send messages and reminders.

How do I find out more? 

We can get you set up as a group if you apply here, or if you need to discuss group study options you can email the team on to set up a call. If you want to study on your own, you can sign up and start right away using the button below.

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